CXuesong (讨论贡献)




参阅:Blog:Su Suann的Missing Kits Project

First one is the small tabby tom mentioned on pages 108, 120, 131 and 153 in "Into the Wild". His name is Lynxkit and he is a small, light ginger tabby tom with some black patches and yellow eyes. He was born to Goldenflower and Patchpelt in a litter with Stiftkit.

Today’s kits are the two kits of Dawncloud mentioned in “Into the Wild” page 255. The first kit is little Blossomkit. Some fans may already know her because she is the same Blossomkit which listens to Rock in “Cats of the Clans”. Blossomkit is a white she-kit with green eyes and was born to Dawncloud and Finchflight together with her brother Swampkit.

It is Ashfurs and Fernclouds two littermates, all of them born to Brindleface and Whitestorm. The first one is Elderkit, mentioned on page 226 in "Into the Wild" and page 113 in "Fire and Ice". He is a dark gray tom with yellow eyes, but sadly died shortly after birth because he was weak as mentioned in "Fire and Ice" and went to StarClan. The second one is Tulipkit, mentioned on page 226 in "Into the Wild" and pages 112, 188 and 227 in "Fire and Ice". She is a light gray she-kit with darker flecks and dark blue eyes like her big brother Ashfur.

CXuesong (讨论贡献)


  • Lynxkit:小猞猁
  • Tulipkit:小郁金香
  • Blossomkit:小梅花


  • Swampkit:小沼泽(求更好的译法)
  • Elderkit:小接骨木